“To live without faith, without a patrimony to defend, without a steady struggle for truth – that is not living, but existing.”
— Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Demonstrating the Spiritual foundation

Prayer is the foundation of every Fraternus Excursion.  It is important to show the boys that a man’s life must be grounded in a dynamic spiritual foundation in order for any good to be accomplished.  There are times for Mass, Eucharistic processions, the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and other forms of prayer.  These times for communion with God are interspersed throughout the day to emphasis that prayer is not a one-time occurrence in a day; rather, God is present in every moment.

Venturing out

Our culture offers boys leisure that is often marked by comfort, ease, and mindless entertainment. Sacred Scripture offers many examples of how God uses the wilderness to speak to His people, and to test them.  The Fraternus Excursion is an opportunity to leave "the familiar."  Boys leave their usual surroundings for a day or so, and experience the beauty and challenges of God’s creation.  No matter what is planned for the boys on the Excursion, the activities will be in an environment that is outside of the expected.  It is in these places where God speaks clearly to the boys.  A man’s life is one of challenge, adventure, and purpose.

Following the Father

A central Fraternus activity is “The King’s Message."  This is a specially prepared talk given by a Fraternus man to communicate God’s truth to boys as directly as possible.  God leads and directs men in His Truth.  The Excursion is an opportunity to be confronted with powerful truths from the King that will guide our boys on their journey in the virtuous life.