Frat Night

"Every man, particularly today, must come to a mature acceptance and understanding of what it means to be a man."

—Bishop Thomas J Olmsted

A solid foundation - Fraternus volunteers

Fraternus teaches the men that they must first possess a thriving brotherhood as adults.  From there they invite the boys into that brotherhood – they don’t just supervise them with a veneer of faith once a week.  Part of that invitation is to enjoy simple recreation with the boys and genuine conversation guided by the Fraternus curriculum.

Frat Night - Weekly Brotherhood

The order of the night is simple.  We begin the evening at 6:30pm with a meal where the men and boys are encouraged to interact.  Following the meal is a game or competition, during which the men do not sit on the walls but actively engage, encourage and challenge the boys.  Once the competition is complete, a movie clip is played to illustrate the virtue topic of the night.  For example, during one discussion on the theological virtue of faith the following clip was used to illustrate the theme of, "Trusting the Father and keeping our eyes on Him."

After the movie clip one of the adult Captains gives a brief breakdown of the movie clip and draws a connection to the virtue of the night.  The group then breaks into small groups "Squad Time" where they are guided through a discussion on the particular virtue, guided by the Church's magisterial teaching.  The Fraternus Book uses the prayers and a reading from the upcoming Sunday Mass that illustrates the virtue of the night and also further discusses the topic with quotes from the Magisterium, various Popes, and Saints.  At the end of Squad Time, the group agrees to complete a Challenge in order to solidify the virtue in each boy's life.   We then gather back together as a chapter to pray "Compline", which is the Night Prayer portion of the Liturgy of the Hours. Once night prayers are over the boys are then dismissed to help clean up our meeting place and then head home for the evening.