The shared meal is an integral part of Fraternus and the weekly Frat nights. Food is obviously a part of our daily sustenance, but it communicates so much more than the nutrition that it imparts. A well prepared meal is the greatest sign of hospitality and it is the tangible representation of how the community values the individual. All men enjoy a good meal, and the effort to transform common ingredients into the weekly Frat night meal will result in one of the best forums for authentic conversation and brotherhood.

There are several ways to contribute to this portion of the Fraternus mission. We need families to provide financial assistance for the purchase of ingredients.  We also need families to sign-up for meal preparation. Recognizing that cooking for 75-100 men can seem a bit daunting, we have provided some suggested meals and their associated quantities and costs below. If you prefer to donate money to offset the financial cost of each meal, then please click the "Donate Now" button on the main menu. The average cost of each meal is $175 to $200 (less than $2 per person).

Above all else, if you decide to contribute to this part of the mission, please commit to it in a spirit of prayer and with the virtue of hospitality in mind. Your family and the men of Fraternus will be greatly blessed by your efforts.

How can you prepare a meal for Fratnight?

We have provided sample meal plans with ingredients, pricing, and quantities; feel free to use any of the recipes below or you can make your own meal.  The meal should be prepared for about 100 men and boys.

Wednesday Frat Night starts at 6:30pm.  Depending on what you prepare, and if you need to heat any part of the meal, you will want to arrive between 5:15pm and 5:30pm.  St. Pauls Family Life Center has a full, functioning kitchen with commercial ovens and stove for your use.

When you deliver your meal to St. Paul's, you can pull in the main gate and our Fraternus members can assist you in unloading and preparing final touches if needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Sample Recipies