Nacho Bar


Item information including item numbers and pricing is based on Sams Club pricing and may vary.

(3) 6lb Box of Tortillia Chips [item #435262] $7.78 ea
Tortilla Chips

30 lbs ground beef chuck 80/20 [item #290642] $2.78ea
Ground Chuck

(2) 5lb bags monterey jack and cheddar [item #327423] $11.58ea
Cheddar Jack Shredded Cheese

(2) 2 lb bags shredded lettuce [item #605170] $1.98ea
Iceburg Lettuce

(2) 23oz Taco Seasoning [item #69763] $5.78ea
Taco Seasoning

(2) 138 oz Medium Pace Salsa [item #375991] $8.97ea
Pace Picante

(1) Jar Jalapenos [item #933069] $3.48ea
Jalapeno Nacho Slices


Total Cost for Nacho Bar $166.84