“You were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness.”

—Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

A Catholic man’s life powered by the Sacraments

Ranch is where boys experience all the fullness of the Church.  Mass, Eucharistic processions, participation in the Liturgy of the Hours, Confession and Eucharistic adoration are a few of the opportunities to experience God through the rich resources of our Church.

Life that embraces the adventure

Ranch is packed full of activities to celebrate the adventurous life that speaks to a boy’s heart. There are opportunities for whitewater rafting, paint ball, horseback riding, swimming, climbing ropes, and a warrior run.

Stronger together

At Ranch, a Fraternus squad sticks together: sleeping in one cabin, eating together, and completing challenges that strengthen the bond of the brotherhood.  Ranch also demonstrates the greater brotherhood found across the country; Fraternus squads gather to encourage, sharpen, and challenge each to live a virtuous life.