Item information including item numbers and pricing is based on Sams Club pricing and may vary.

(3) Hunt's® Tomato Sauce (105 oz.) [item #160294] $2.98ea
Hunts Tomato Sauce

(2) Angela Mia Crushed Tomatoes (102 oz.) [item #145373] $3.28ea
Angela Mia Crushed Tomatoes

(3) Daily Chef Penne Rigate Pantry Pack (6lb boxes) [item #4370104] $5.68ea
Penne Rigate Pantry Pack

(10) lbs Ground Beef Chuck 80/20 [item #366342] $2.78ea
Ground Beef Chuck 80/20

(4) Large Onions, diced (6lb bag -use 4 onions) [item #699816] $4.98ea
Large Onions, diced

(10) Cloves of Garlic, minced [item #442118] $4.39ea
Cloves of Garlic

(4) Tablespoons sugar

(2) Tablespoons dried basil

(2) tsp Oregano

(4) Bay leaves

(2) lbs carrots petite diced (optional)

(1) Bottle of White Wine (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste

(5) 2 Pack French Bread Loaves (10 loaves total) [item #30674] $2.00ea

(2) 2.5lb bags of iceberg romaine blend salad [item #901973] $2.97ea
Icebery Romaine Blend Salad

(1) 2 pack (20oz each) Italian Dressing [item #397263] $6.98ea
Italian Dressing

(1) 2 pack (40oz each) Ranch Dressing [item #717820] $9.98ea
Ranch Dressing


Total Cost for Spaghetti Dinner $102.61